Working together is hard work. Individuals are far more likely to effectively work together if they have meaningful participation in figuring out where they are going.  Effective organizations harness all of its smarts and goodwill to move everyone forward.

One way to think of an organization is to view you as together on a bus. The challenge is to get the right people in the right seat on the bus. The passengers then figure out where they are going and how best to get there. The passengers survey the environment, talk, anticipate problems and opportunities, problem solve, make decisions, delegate assignments, carry out responsibilities, monitor progress, plan departures and welcome new co-passengers.

Unfortunately, even the best travel plans encounter obstacles. At times the bus gets lost or stuck. During these times an outside facilitator, acting like a travel guide, can help the organization assess the situation, define the problem, gather the necessary information,  brainstorm options, evaluate options, design strategic paths and monitor implications.