Mediation brings in a trained individual to guide your shared discussion with another party about the conflict or obstacle that keeps everyone from moving forward.  The mediator is not an advocate for either side and doesn’t recommend a solution. The mediator facilitates a process of discussing the situation and negotiating an agreement which works for all parties.

Mediation is a guided process where all parties get a chance to tell their story, hear another’s perspective, discover interests, explore new solutions and make decisions that work for everyone.   If a workable solution is negotiated, a written agreement is crafted summarizing the agreement.

Mediation always remains a voluntary process. Participants ultimately choose either to engage in negotiating a workable solution or choose to try another avenue other than mediation. Even if the latter path is chosen, mediation helps you better understand what everyone wants and needs. Given the high cost of unresolved conflict, mediation is often a chance worth taking.