"In full group planning sessions, Jerry kept the group focused and moving forward, while also being sensitive to group dynamics and the need to process some issues in more depth.  I would highly recommend Jerry as a facilitator for an organization’s self-assessment and planning process.”
– Director of Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department
“Pulling together a group as large and diverse as ours was a challenge in its own right. An even bigger challenge was keeping us focused on our search for common ground. I doubt that we would have made as much progress as quickly as we did without your guidance. Because it is so easy to get mired in debate over every detail, it was essential to have an impartial facilitator who could watch the clock and remind us of the need to move forward. Those prompts were especially effective because you let the group decide early on how discussions would progress and what constituted consensus. No one could assert that any one item was not given fair play since we were operating under the rules the group agreed to and that you impartially enforced.”  
– Kansas Secretary of Agriculture
"When a difficult land use issue came up in our city, Jerry helped facilitate a first gathering of about 40 "concerned citizens"--mostly strangers to each other. By the end of that meeting, not only did the group have a sense of identity and purpose, it identified specific issues and reasonable tasks, along with possible solutions. The evening could easily have turned in to a gripe session, but instead, with Jerry's facilitation we turned concern into constructive, orderly conversation. We followed the agenda, we ended on time, and we had positive energy to bring to the next meeting.”
– Organizer for Citizens’ for Responsible Planning

 “Jerry is the consummate facilitator. Our organization has definitely benefited from his creativity, sensitivity and expertise.”
– Practical Farmers of Iowa Executive Director

Client List

Community Mercantile: decision making, focus groups.

USD 336: facilitated a community discussion about a proposed school bond issue.

Liberty Memorial Central Middle School: focus group discussions on curriculum.

Douglas County Food Policy Council: strategic planning.

Kansas Rural Center: group facilitation, problem solving, decision making.

Community Mercantile Educational Foundation: strategic planning.

Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams: strategic planning.

Friends of the Kaw: strategic planning.

Kansas Farmers Union Board: mediation and consensus building.

Delaware Street Commons: mission development.

Lawrence Farmers’ Market: business planning.

Citizens for Responsible Planning: strategic planning.

Pottawatomie Tribe’s Land Department: organizational development.

Success by Six: facilitated discussion.

Latino Community Coalition: strategic planning.

Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence: SWOT analysis.

Peace Mennonite Church: strategic decision making.

Lawrence Originals: strategic planning.